Sunday, August 14, 2016

Approval from State Maryland Lease

Department of Maryland, Inc.
                                                                               The War Memorial, Baltimore, Maryland 21202                                                                                                              (410) 752-3104 

                 June l, 2016 

                Warffemius-Seidler Post 381 
                 PO Box 778 
                 Brandywine, MD 20613 

              Dear Mr. Adjutant: 

 The Department Executive Committee in regular meeting on May 15, 2016 at Victory Post 155, Western port, MD, consider the request from Post 381 to enter into a long-term lease for a parcel of ground considered the request from Post 381 to enter into a long-term lease of property in Prince George's County, referred to as Wilmer Park. 

The Department Executive Committee voted in favor of granting permission to Post 381 to enter into the long-term lease of the property. This approval should not be construed as The American Legion, Department of Maryland, Inc. assuming any liability or responsibility for the finances, operations, or any other facet of the Post's lease. The Department's role in the approval was to review the viability of the business plan, and the insurance that the Post was entering into the lease which does not contain any undue risk to the Post or members. 

Very truly yours, 

cc: Department Commander Trott 
Department Judge Advocate Davis

DEC Approve lease held on Sunday, May 15, 2016,

  TREASURER GIFFORD: The Commission then considered the request  from Post 381 to to enter into a long-term lease 440 Acres of  property in Prince George's County. The Adjutant and the Judge  Advocate have reviewed the request to ensure conformity with  the rules of the D.E.C.. The lease is for $1 a year, and while the business plan is ambitious, the risk to the Post and the Department is not high.
           Mr. Commander I move that the D.E.C. authorized Post 381 to  enter into this lease               
             FROM FLOOR: Second 1
            COMMANDER TROTT: There is a motion and a second on the floor.
            Any questions? (No reply). All those in favor (Loud Ayes); 
            Opposed (No reply); the ayes have it, motion carries.